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Penis jokes.

2011-03-26 00:17:51 by OmegaGlow

Are on you, but while you're here? Check out my new WiP dammit.

OMG! Nude chicks!

2010-03-30 20:36:29 by OmegaGlow

No but seriously, they're hot.

Anyway, i've put out a new release! Ravers fantasy! /322052


OMG! Nude chicks!

New release. Darkcore!

2010-03-23 19:53:50 by OmegaGlow

A nice, fast paced track for hardcore lovers. I hope you all enjoy. /320361

New release! Ragesugar!

2010-03-04 04:05:25 by OmegaGlow

Here's my new release for the month, this is an attempt at making hardstyle. PRetty satisfied with it so far.

Ragesugar! [Omega4.5]

So yeah...

2009-10-23 08:57:18 by OmegaGlow

So, i finally have built up the courage to finally start working on the stuff i love. Writing, drawing, making music. Why i need courage you ask? Well I've been kinda doubting myself. Now i will soon start posting up my Writings/Drawings up on here and try my luck. Hopefully ya'll will enjoy it. Peace.

Out with the old...

2009-07-30 04:39:11 by OmegaGlow

So slowly my style has been developing thanks to the help of many fellow NG artists, i really appreciate all you guys have done for me. Specially finding my true vibe with music. I understand that music isnt supposed to follow rules or guidelines, but theres times a certain sound moves a soul more than others. Even though trace moves me very deeply my soul pours out Electro House, now that i've done some digging around and listened to other artist i've found myself loving the sound Feed Me and Knighlife have, and perhaps they will be my source of inspiration for now as i keep digging deeper. I know im barely scratching the surface. Keep in touch as i will soon revealing my new track!

New song up and rolling!

2009-06-22 23:08:50 by OmegaGlow

So i've been sneaking into the Audio forums and asking for help desperately, gladly my cries for help were answered and as result my new song Demoniac came to. Its still a WiP which im really looking forward to finish since its my Debut in a new style here in NG's. I hope you guys enjoy the tune. Bit props to DJ RAV3N and Mushroomhead18nc For the huge amounts of help.

SO i have Returned

2009-01-28 14:28:20 by OmegaGlow

After a long forced break due my recent move to a new apartment plus a snowball of money problems, i finally managed to get myself hooked back into the net so i can start sharing my music once more. Even though right now my graphic design business is also keeping me busy as well, plus the occasional WoW sessions im proud to say i got quite a lot coming this way with a new work in progress. for now i bring you my new WIP, THC i hope you enjoy my work feel free to leave me comments i love it when people send love my way.